Gain support, help & advice for your mental health & wellbeing. Why not meet up & create lifelong friendships?


Do you socially isolate yourself? Why not meet up with our members or go to some events to aid your wellbeing?


Discover organisations in London, especially charities that provide services to aid your mental health & wellbeing.

About Musing Minds

Musing Minds UK has a mission to promote mental health and wellbeing. We are a London-based holistic community & social network that looks at mental illness through four lenses; the mind (emotional and psychological), the body (physical), the spirit (spiritual) and life (social).

As a social network for Londoners we encourage members to safely interact & support each other and offer opportunities for members to make life-long friendships with others as you meetup & participate in shared interests.

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No More Social Isolation

Do you tend to isolate yourself because of your mental health issues? I've been there so I created this community as a social network for individuals living in London who muse themselves into mental health issues. Overthinking can be a pain so why not share your thoughts and anxieties in the discussion forums in your own or an established support group?

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Discover Bibliotherapy

So what is bibliotherapy? Bibliotherapy is where individuals gain therapeutic benefits through reading books.

We have hand-selected books from fiction, memoirs and self-help books to help you understand your experiences with mental health issues.

Did you know there is a scheme called 'Books on Prescription? Our featured books are all books from this scheme, books that have been recommended by healthcare professionals.

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